ONINO General FAQs

What is ONINO’s primary mission in the blockchain space?

ONINO is dedicated to making blockchain technology widely accessible, especially for individuals and small and medium-sized companies. Our mission is to enable every individual developer and company out there to ideate, develop, deploy, and integrate blockchain solutions without having to hire an entire team of blockchain specialists, democratizing access to blockchain technology for the masses.

How does ONINO differ from other blockchain platforms?

Unlike many blockchain platforms that require significant investment and technical know-how, ONINO’s Modular Business Blockchain Integration Platform is designed to be highly customizable and user-friendly. This platform allows you to create your own sub-chain tailored to your needs in minutes or utilize the public ONINO Mainchain, integrating blockchain solutions into businesses without the overhead and complexity typically involved.

What are the features of the Modular Business Blockchain Integration Platform?

Our platform is an enterprise-grade framework that empowers individual developers and businesses to develop, deploy, and integrate blockchain solutions seamlessly. It's designed to be both robust and adaptable, offering the flexibility of private or public networks, on-chain identity solutions, GDPR-compliant node configurations, and more—all backed by the security of the global ONINO Mainnet.

What kind of support can one expect when building on ONINO’s platform?

Developers and companies are handheld and guided through every step. After setting up their sub-chain or choosing the ONINO Mainchain, they receive detailed instructions and support to build applications using our templates or the AI-based Smart Contract development assistant. Deployment is automated, and our language-agnostic API stack facilitates integration with existing Web2 environments.

How can ONINO’s platform benefit start-ups?

ONINO supports aspiring and existing start-ups by helping them meaningfully integrate tokens into their business models, assisting with everything from whitepaper creation over community building to token-based fundraising. This service is not only an entry point into blockchain but also an avenue for start-ups to receive early-stage funding.

What solutions does ONINO offer for SMEs and larger enterprises?

We provide tailored blockchain standard solutions to improve and optimize business processes across various industries. Our team can further assist in identifying potential blockchain applications, developing custom-tailored solutions, and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.

How is ONINO currently funded?

We have conducted an initial token pre-sale of the preliminary ONI token in January 2022 to kick-start the company. Additionally, we have received additional funding through a start-up program of the German Baden-Württemberg’s state bank in April 2023.

How does ONINO generate revenue? Do you have a sustainable business model?

ONINO is not a company that is reliant on selling tokens, but on building up a sustainable business model. Our revenue streams are diverse, giving us flexibility and security:

  • Recurring SaaS Fees: Companies and developers can access our integration platform via monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Tokenization Success Shares: We receive a share of the funds raised through tokenized projects on our platform.

  • Blockchain Solution Services: We offer consulting and development services that are billed on a project basis.

  • Network Fees: While this is not the main revenue stream, we also collect shares of transaction fees from activities on the Mainnet and Sub-Chains.

What’s on the horizon for ONINO in terms of development and expansion?

We have a clear roadmap that includes the launch of our public Testnet and Mainnet the introduction of our tokenization services for start-ups and our blockchain solutions services for SMEs as go-to-market strategies to bring traction, users, and activity to the ONINO Network. With that we aim to reach widespread adoption, starting with the DACH region with a focus on creating value and driving innovation through our platform and services, and expanding to other markets in the upcoming years.

How can the community contribute to ONINO’s roadmap and future?

Community members can contribute by participating in our testnets as validators, developers, or beta testers, providing feedback, and engaging with our development team through our channels. As we grow, there will be more opportunities for community involvement in shaping our services and platform.

Can I as an individual build on the ONINO Platform?

Of course - our mission is not only to enable every company to easily use blockchain technology but also every individual developer! Do you have an interesting idea for a decentralized app that you want to build up? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s discuss how we can assist you in building up your new business on ONINO!

What is the primary use of the ONI token within the ONINO ecosystem?

ONI is the native utility token of the ONINO Network. It is designed to power our ecosystem by enabling transactions, fuelling smart contract deployment as the network’s native gas token, and securing the network as a part of the consensus mechanism. It's a means for participants to engage with our platform, use our services, and contribute to the community.

Why is the ONI token currently on Binance Smart Chain?

The ONINO Network is currently still under development. However, to have the opportunity for a token pre-sale to kickstart the project and enable community building already during development, we have issued a preliminary ONI token on the Binance Smart Chain. At the launch of our ONINO mainnet, the token will be migrated to it, where it will represent the native utility token.

How can I use the token within the platform?

You can use the token to send transactions, gain access to exclusive features, use decentralized applications, or contribute to network security by staking your token. It’s a versatile tool that serves as the 'fuel' for our ecosystem's operations.

Can I mine or stake the ONI token?

Staking is a significant aspect of our platform, where you can 'stake' your tokens to support the network's integrity and security. Tech-savvy people can stake a larger amount of tokens to run an entire ONINO Validator node on their machines or in the cloud, but there will also be an option to easily delegate your tokens to a validator and earn rewards using the ONINO Staking Platform. Currently, we are offering the possibility for a simulated pre-network staking to acquaint community members with the staking process and gather staking power already during development, so that the ONINO Network can launch with a secure amount of tokens staked.

Is ONINO a registered company?

Yes! We have decided to operate ONINO fully from within our home country Germany, which is why we are a transparent, fully compliant, German limited company registered under German jurisdiction.

How can I contribute to the project?

Community contributions can take many forms—providing feedback, promoting the ecosystem, and engaging in community discussions. Your involvement helps shape the future of our platform.

Is there a beneficial system for active community members?

Yes, active community members can receive benefits through various programs such as bug bounties, community engagement events, and content creation contests. These benefits are our way of thanking you for your valuable contributions.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments and participate?

We encourage community members to join our official communication channels, like Telegram, Discord, or Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter. Following the active discussions in our channels and joining our monthly community update calls are great ways to stay informed and involved!

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