ONINO Testnet

The ONINO testnet is built for developers to test their applications and for the ONINO team to test and iterate on upcoming protocol upgrades.

What is a Testnet?​

The testnet is a test environment for the ONINO blockchain, run by the ONINO Team, which is open to developers. The validators on the testnet are mainly from the development team, while some community members are eligible to provide additional support for running validators.

The ONINO testnet is an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain that is a crucial part of our development process. All protocol upgrades, new features and applications are initially conceptualized, deployed and tested on the ONINO testnet before being deployed to the mainnet.

Users and developers on the ONINO testnet can actively take part in:

  • Testing and finding bugs

  • Providing feedback on new features

  • Validating our network

  • Creating new, meaningful applications

  • Testing your applications against new versions of the ONINO protocol

  • Analyzing our blockchains data on a smaller, non-trivial scale

  • Creating and transfering testnet assets

Below you can find everything you need to know to navigate the ONINO testnet.

How to get Testnet Fund?​


Explorer for Testnet​

RPC Endpoints​

Network Name: ONINO Testnet
New RPC URL: https://rpctestnet.onino.io/
Chain ID: 211223
Currency Symbol: tONI
Blockexplorer URL: https://testnet.explorer.onino.io/

ONINO Testnet Phases

  • Phase 1: Initial testing and onboarding of developers

  • Phase 2: Validator onboarding and testing (Only for Testnet Validators!)

  • Phase 3: Fixes and protocol adjustments before Mainnet

  • Phase 4: Migration to Mainnet

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