For Validators & Node Operators

A page for node operators and validators.

Validators and node operators will be onboarded during phase 2 of the testnet. The onboarding and testing of our public node client will be temporary, to analyze and check for any bugs or issues in terms of functionality and usability of our node client software. Node clients in different languages will be initially tested in the environment of the testnet protocol before being made available publicly.

Validator onboarding for selected operators will be unlocked during phase 2 of our testnet.

You can pre-register at to get early access to more information and be part of our direct communication channels for validators.

Node requirements

For better performance and uptime, we recommend similar or better specs:

AWS EC2 m5.xlarge with 4 vCPUs (3.1 GHz), SSD (gp2) storage.

  • CPU > 3.0 GHz

  • SSD (or NVMe SSD) (NB: AWS gp2 has upto 16000 IOPS)

  • Network bandwidth: 1 Gbps (NB: m5.xlarge has upto 10 Gbps)

  • Storage: depending on the types of your nodes.

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