⚑The ONINO Protocol

Overview of the ONINO Protocol

More information about the ONINO protocol architecture will be released with our public node client early 2024

Quick Overview of the ONINO Blockchain Architecture

The ONINO blockchain protocol introduces a groundbreaking architecture that leverages a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-based consensus protocol. This innovative approach underpins the main public chain, known as the Mainchain, which serves as the foundational layer for the deployment of custom SubChains. These SubChains represent a significant advancement in blockchain technology, offering unparalleled customization in terms of transaction speed, regulatory compliance, and the ability to operate in either a public or private environment.

A key feature of the ONINO protocol is its ability to anchor these sub-chains to the main chain via their state roots. This anchoring mechanism ensures a robust and secure connection between the SubChains and the Mainchain, maintaining the integrity and continuity of the entire network. The horizontal scalability of the ONINO protocol is a key feature, achieved through the use of SubChains, each with its own dedicated SubChain consensus mechanism. This design allows the network to scale efficiently to meet a wide range of application requirements without compromising security or performance.

Looking to the future, ONINO will introduce a SubChain marketplace. This innovative marketplace is envisioned as a platform where SubChain operators can offer customized environments to developers. This marketplace will act as a conduit, connecting developers with the ideal infrastructure for their specific applications, thereby fostering an ecosystem of diverse, efficient and specialized blockchain solutions. This approach not only democratizes access to blockchain technology but also accelerates innovation by providing developers with the tools and environments they need to succeed.

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