☁️The ONINO Cloud Platform

The ONINO platform help companies and developers to easily ideate, develop, deploy and integrate blockchain-based solutions.

The ONINO platform offers a comprehensive suite for blockchain project development, tailored specifically for developers of varying expertise and industry backgrounds. This GitBook documentation outlines the platform's functionalities and how developers can leverage its features for creating and deploying blockchain solutions.

Users and developers can initiate a new blockchain project on the platform. This is the first step towards developing a blockchain solution and then our platform guides you through every step of the process in a convenient way. Depending on your level of expertise, you can rely on different platform features:

Ideation Features:

  • Case Studies Collection: ONINO provides a diverse collection of case studies, demonstrating how blockchain can add value across various industries. These studies serve as a guide to inspire and inform users about the potential applications of blockchain technology.

  • AI-Assisted Ideation: At the heart of the ideation stage is an AI Assistant, equipped with state-of-the-art Language Model (LLM) capabilities. This AI Assistant engages in interactive dialogues with users, helping them conceptualize how blockchain can enhance their business. The platform ensures GDPR compliance through self-hosted API models, guaranteeing user data privacy and security.

Development Features:

  • Template Library: ONINO offers a vast library of pre-built templates for a wide array of blockchain use cases. These templates provide a starting point for users to quickly implement standard blockchain functionalities.

  • AI-Assisted Development: For projects that don't fit within the provided templates, the AI Assistant aids users in transforming their unique ideas into deployment-ready smart contract code. This interactive development process ensures that even custom projects maintain high standards of quality and efficiency.

Deployment Features:

  • Automated Deployment: Once the smart contract is ready, users can deploy their project on the ONINO Testnet with a single click. This automated process simplifies the transition from development to live testing. Deployments to different networks will be added at later stages.

Integration Features:

  • Integration Support: Recognizing the challenge of integrating blockchain solutions into existing systems, ONINO provides comprehensive documentation, APIs, and guides for all templates. This support is crucial for companies, especially those transitioning from Web2 to blockchain.

  • AI-Assisted Documentation: In the future, ONINO plans to employ the AI Assistant in this stage as well, offering automated documentation for custom-developed solutions. This feature will further streamline the integration process for non-template projects.

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