✴️Token Distribution & Emission Schedules

A detailed Overview of the current emission, distribution and planned schedules of how ONI token is issued.

ONI Token Distribution

The table below shows the allocation of ONI token towards different reserved pools. All pools are reserved for different uses, but the allocation of tokens does not necessarily mean a full distribution.

All team and advisor tokens have a cliff of 1 year, followed by a 3 year linear vesting period after the launch of our mainnet.

For example of the 5% total allocation towards advisors, there is currently only roughly 50% allocated, and the rest is kept as a reserve by the core team to distribute if needed.

Tokens that are not distributed after 3 years form Mainnet launch will be reallocated.

  • 50% will be reallocated towards the Staking Rewards pool to further incentivize long-term validation of the ONINO Blockchain protocol

  • 50% will be reallocated to the Treasury & Innovation fund to drive the adoption and development of the ONINO ecosystem.

Pool100,000,000.00Token allocated







Treasury & Innovation Fund



Staking Rewards



Initial Liquidity



Successful Pre Sale






Description of different Pools


Allocation of ONI Token to attract and incentivize high quality individuals to join the ONINO core team for development and other strategic initiatives.


Allocation of ONI Token to attract and incentivize high quality individuals to join the ONINO advisory board for development and other strategic initiatives.

Treasury & innovation Fund

Allocation pool to perform strategic growth initiatives, such as grants and funding for innovative projects or partners building essential applications on the ONINO blockchain.

Staking Rewards

Allocation pool for incentives towards validators and node operators.

Initial Liquidity

Initial provision of ONI tokens for availability on exchanges.

Token Sale

Early sale of ONI tokens in January. Sold out in 3 minutes.

Token Emission Schedule

The emission of ONI token is aligned with our goal of sustainable growth of the ONINO ecosystem. The main drivers for emission are:

  • Team & Advisor Tokens: The projection below is based on the assumption that all tokens will be allocated, all tokens that are not allocated will be redistributed as described above.

  • Staking Rewards: Emission of ONI rewards to node operators and validators is designed to diminish over time - details will be described in the "$ONI - Tokenomic and Mechanism Design" paper (coming soon)

  • Treasury & Innovation Fund: The treasury and innovation fund pool is designed to drive the adoption and developments around the ONINO blockchain. Issuance of tokens out of this pool is restricted towards distribution only, if it drives the ecosystem of ONIINO forwards - the projection below is based on a quarterly assumption of project and partner grants.

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